Personal assistant service

This service aims to improve the daily coping of an in its housing living adult with a profound and severe visual impairment. First of all service enables to exercise social activities.

This includes the participation in studies, hobbies and other activities outside home. It gives disabled person an opportunity to develop their independence.
To relieve his family members of the obligation to provide continuous assistance is important for every blind adult.

Consulting services

Counseling services for visually impaired people living in Tallinn and their family members.
The following advisory services take place at NEBA:

Experience consultancy;
Individual counseling by a psychologist;
Psychological counseling.

Information material adaptation/customization service

The purpose of the service is to adapt information for visually impaired people.

Materials include news, educational materials, books. 

Estonian Library for the Blind at Tondi street

Estonian Library for the Blind at Tondi street is open for anyone.

Operating grant to association

The purpose of the grant is to provide an Activity Center service tailored to the special needs of visually impaired people.

IT consultation service

Service available via Skype and e-mail, as well as on site (Tondi 8a). 

Long-term protected workplace service

Long-term protected workplace service (LTWS) is aimed at unemployed people who have been found to be incapacitated or partially incapacitated for work. To be successful in future they need long preparation to move into the open labor market and. 

The purpose of the LTWS service is to provide people with disabilities with the opportunity to work in a secure and adapted environment.