Dear partners

The North Estonian Blind Association (NEBA) invites you to contribute to the development of a support system for the visually impaired and to modernize the operating environment in the Society's house at Tondi 8a, Tallinn. Visually impaired people are one of the most vulnerable and vulnerable groups in society. They need a well-functioning disability-specific support system and an accessible environment to cope.
Day after day, we hear people say, "I die rather than go blind." However, loss of vision is no reason to withdraw from life or to do more tragic acts when a person receives competent help: rehabilitation, support from people with similar life experiences, appropriate aids and essential services.
The main goal of the North Estonian Association for the Blind is to advise and support those who have lost their eyesight and who are trying to adapt to drastically changed living conditions, to represent the interests of these people at local and national level. We support people with visual disabilities in their pursuit of self-fulfillment, in maintaining an active lifestyle, and in their return to work and society. We show you the power of the experience, where you can draw strength and ask for help. We are a competent partner for the state and local governments in building a support system and support system that takes into account the real needs of the target group and in creating an accessible environment.

On March 3 this year, the North Estonian Association for the Blind will celebrate its 95th anniversary.

Throughout its nearly a century of activities, NEBA has, regardless of general social circumstances, further developed the rehabilitation and employment of people with visual impairments, thereby increasing the daily living, access to employment, education, leisure, as a member of society. The NEBA covers a social field where the state's contribution is currently limited.
About 500 people with visual impairment all over Estonia belong to NEBA.
Since 1955 the North Estonian Association for the Blind has been operating in the center of Tallinn at Tondi 8a.
Currently, most of the activities and services offered to people with visual impairments are concentrated in the NEBA house and their provision has become nationwide based on needs. In addition to the services provided by NEBA, the NEBA also offers its services in the house for the Visually Impaired Rehabilitation Center and the Estonian Society of Blind Massagers. Thus, in one place (the PPU house), the person who has lost sight gets most of the services he needs.
There are currently more than 30 people working in the PPU house and 52 people with visual impairment are using rehabilitation services. Approximately 80-100 visually impaired people visit the NEBA activity center each month for different services.

In his address on the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia on February 24, President Kersti Kaljulaid stressed: "The state-supported joint action must see a 21st century model of local governance."

Already in 2013, with the support of the Civil Society Foundation, we prepared a business plan and proposed a solution where we develop and maintain a vision support system for people with visual impairments that functions as a social enterprise. A prerequisite for the implementation of a social enterprise is the reconstruction of the Tondi 8A building to meet today's requirements and the needs of visually impaired people. Also check out our financial analysis.
The NEBA house reconstruction project, which was completed in 2013 with the support of ETV charity show “Christmas Tunnel”, has been divided into phases, which allows to continue providing services in the house during the reconstruction.
In the near future, it is imperative to carry out Phase II and Phase III of the building project, which includes the reconstruction of the roof of the house and the insulation of the house with the necessary additional work. More information on NEBA house construction project can be found here.

The nationwide support system for the blind and partially sighted in the Tondi 8A building, which has a rehabilitation, training and activity center and a supported work center, is a prominent feature of NEBA's future plans. More information about future plans here.
Although there is a great need for a modern house to expand services and provide services, NEBA as a project-based organization does not have the capacity to carry out the above-mentioned reconstruction work at its own expense.
On March 3, 2022, five years from now, the PPU will celebrate its 100th anniversary. We need your help in creating the right conditions for people with visual disabilities at the PPU 100th Birthday in the PPU Action Center.

We are ready to introduce the NEBA house and the completed construction project and to provide further explanations at your convenience.

with respect

Janne Jerva
Chairman of the board of the North Estonian Blind Association
Tel: 55 75 310