The North Estonian Blind Association (NEBA) is an organization that unites people with visual impairments. It advocates for their rights and provides them with various services. As of January 2020, the Society includes around 450 visually impaired people.

NEBA's work has a long tradition. December 11, 1921 became the day of the Estonian Blind Welfare Society foundation. It was founded in Tartu. On March 3, 1922, the Tallinn Branch was registered. The successor to the latter is the North Estonian Blind Association. It has its headquarters at the street Tondi, in Tallinn.

For over 90 years, the NEBA has kept alive the civic initiative of the blind and visually impaired people. By that supported the development of different services in Estonia.

The NEBA is guided in its work by the Code of Ethics for Citizens' Associations. The General Assembly of the Estonian Non-profits adopted it at a round table on April 7, 2002.

During the period of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Estonia, our type communities were well-secured and sustainable.  It was so due to they were based on the resources of the Soviet Union. Impressive financial support of those years enabled many organizations to operate and survive to this day. At present, organizations used up all resources to operate. They also lack stable government funding.  Current situation makes it challenging to defend their target audience in the public interest. Project grants are not enough to provide activities and services for the blind not to speak of further development.

We further developed the rehabilitation and employment situation of visually impaired people. The integration into society and return to the open labor market is crucial for the human who lost vision. We are "opening their eyes" to the new work/education/leisure opportunities by that supporting their daily living. The NEBA covers a social field where state participation is limited.

Over the decades, our center has been and remains an important spot for the visually impaired. People are accustomed to attending events and services provided by us. Regardless of the project-based nature of our substantive work, we have been able to establish a functional rehabilitation system for our members and a network of special needs support services.

Visually impaired people need an environment adapted to their specific needs because of the specific nature of their disability. In recent years, the board of NEBA has been working hard on adapting the house to an activity center.  This implies that even completely blind people can function at Tondi.

In addition to NEBA, the Tondi 8a building also houses two others essential associations. The training center of Blind Massagers and the Rehabilitation Center for the Visually Impaired.

By now the resources of decades ago have been exhausted. In view of our house's increasing demands, it is in need of additional resources to maintain and continue its activities.

Located at Tondi street NEBA house is a production building built in the fifties of the last century. It has been modernized by its own resources (rental income from the house) and project work over the last 15 years. We renovated house roof, installed central heating, replaced all the windows and doors.

Currently all efforts are directed towards creating at Tondi district fully ecquiped social center for the blind. We wish to combine a variety of rehabilitation, leisure, cultural and sporting opportunities.

In order to continue as a social center, it is necessary to make the inside conditions up to date. In order to provide state and local government delegated services, it is necessary to align the premises with fire safety requirements. It includes ventilation installation, electrical systems and plumbing replacement , fire alarm and visually impaired lighting installation, sanitary repairs, etc.). It is also necessary to insulate the house and to repair the exterior façade.

The Tondi district building is a unique activity center for the visually impaired in the North Estonia. It is important that the house is compliant with the requirements and that all people are protected. We would also like to make the exterior of the house a more suitable for city image. As a social center for the  a goal is to be more competitive and significant partner for the city of Tallinn and any other organizations in Estonia and abroad.

In the future, the board of the North Estonian Blind Association wishes to bring together various organizations and the services they provide to the NEBA house. We want the NEBA House to become a nationwide activity center for the visually impaired, inspired by the Finnish Center for the Visually Impaired in Helsinki.

A wonderful news came in November 2011. The charity program "Christmas Tunnel" hosted on Estonian Television decided to raise funds for our association. Speaking more precisely - the money for the renovation of the premises of our house. With the money raised, we were able to order a full-fledged construction project the building and courtyard. Depending on the amount we hope to start building a ventilation system.

If all goes well as planned, most of the services will be concentrated in the Tondi street building in the coming years.