Help save our home! PPÜ house is threatened with closure.

Located at the Tondi street the house of the blind is in danger of closing! We need your help to save the PPÜ center house!

The next stage of our renovation project is sewage!

Goal: 47000.00 €
Donated: 18211 €
Donators: 202

Today, about 40 disabled people work in the building, which is historically known as a house for the blind, as part of the North-Estonian Association of the Blind, the Estonian Association of Blind Masseurs and the Rehabilitation Center for the Visually Impaired. Many of them here help others who have lost their sight. A few hundred people can be found every day in a huge house built in 1955 on a small side street in Tondi:

advisory and support services,
blind masseur services,
read scanned and audiobooks,
use a custom internet service,
opportunity to craft or play chess and checkers for the blind,
practice blackboard tennis and use the gym,
participate in yoga and physiotherapy.
The house is out of date and the biggest concern at the moment is the old power grid. The problem is caused by a perforated roof and a crumbling facade, which can at some point become dangerous for passers-by. Also of concern is the precept of the Rescue Board, according to which
the house must have fire doors, emergency lighting, a fire hose system and an automatic alarm system by 2021, without which it will not be possible to continue working in the house.
Good people have supported us in 2011 through the Christmas Tunnel, and with it we completed the renovation project of the house and the necessary interior repairs. We truly thank those who put their shoulders on the renovation of the house in the Christmas tunnel!

Together with volunteer helpers and with the support of projects, people are constantly working on the house, but the North-Estonian Association of the Blind needs more support today to continue its support services.
In order for each donation to help the construction of the house of the blind one step further, the work is divided into stages. Even just tidying up the roof of the house (Phase II) and the façade (part of Phase III) will help control the currently huge utility costs and make it easier to carry out the next phases.

Construction project
Esplan OÜ has prepared a reconstruction project for the Tondi 8a building.
The project has taken into account the accessibility requirements for everyone and the needs of the activities planned for the building (incl. Training and social center, PPÜ, EAU, NIRK). A hostel is also planned, which will enable the provision of services to those coming from outside Tallinn.
In addition, in order to ensure independence from the financing of the social sphere, the building is provided with rental premises (offices, gyms) and public spaces, which enable the building to be managed in the form of social entrepreneurship.

Building reconstruction project plans in pdf format:
I floor

II floor

III floor

IV floor

In order to keep the activities in the house running continuously, the reconstruction project of the building has been prepared so that it can be implemented in stages.

Cost of reconstruction of the North-Estonian Association of the Blind (in 2012 prices):

  1. stage (EAU premises - partially realized) 106 653 EUR
  2. stage (roof) 339 964 EUR (in 2018 approx. 480 000)
  3. stage (work on the property, building insulation, completion of technical systems) 1,198,147 EUR (in 2018 approx. 1,800,000)
  4. stage (first floor interior work) 456 273 EUR
  5. stage (II floor interior work) 336 813 EUR
  6. stage (3rd floor interior work) 314 691 EUR
  7. stage (IV floor interior work) 288 997 EUR

Phase totaling EUR 3 041 538


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