The North Estonian Blind Association (NEBA) exists in a self-owned building. It is located in the center of Tallinn, at Tondi street. Over the decades, the NEBA house has become a unique and important activity center for people with visual impairments. The most important is that it is tailored to the specific needs of the target group. The house already employs more than 40 people with visual impairments. The same number of people find something to their liking in the house. Around 200 people use services. Every year the number of service users grows. In addition, there are 2 more organizations in this house for blinds well-being. 
The Estonian Association of the Blind Masseurs is the first one. The society helps all blind people to get a massage therapist certificate. Later with the help of the organization they can get even a full-time job on the labor market. 
The Rehabilitation Center for Visually Impaired is the second one. It provides rehabilitation service to people with visual disabilities all over Estonia.

Our house was built in 1955 and has been used by visually impaired people ever since. At present, the building needs significant reconstruction. The building doesn't live up to the level expected from a modern activity center. Therefore, the activities of the NEBA are greatly bounded and hindered.

NEBA has repeatedly submitted renovation requests to both local governments and the state. Unfortunately, there is no significant support provided for the renovation of non-profit organizations' property.

In 2013, we prepared a business plan. We proposed a solution by which we develop and maintain a nationwide social support system for the visually impaired. This business plan implies us as an independent social enterprise. A prerequisite necessity to bring plan into action is the reconstruction of the Tondi street building. First of all, it needs to be done to meet today's requirements and the needs of the target group. Plans for the future imply our house as rehabilitation, training, leisure and activity center. In addition we would be a secured work center.

In 2013, with the support of the Estonian National Broadcasting charity program “Christmas Tunnel”, a building reconstruction project was completed. The project covered all parts of the building and was divided into phases. The division enables the house to continue providing services during the reconstruction. At the moment, the reconstruction in the premises of the Training and Massage Center is in its final stages. The works is covered by the Phase I of the project. Also, the premises of the NEBA have been partially reconstructed (ca 600 m2).

In the near future, it is imperative to carry out Phase II and Phase III of the building project. They include roof replacement and house insulation with additional work required.

We are 100% sure that the preservation and reconstruction of the NEBA house is crucial mission. The sustainability of services and activities we provide depends on that.