Anni Oraveer

She is a blind writer who has received the President 's Folklore Prize. Under her leadership audio books are produced for the library for the blind.

Vello Vart

He is a well - known musician and our best Braille expert - who proves that a blind person can be successful in many areas.

Priit Kasepalu

He is the initiator of many good things happened to blinds over the course of past years, the founder of the Estonian Library for the Blind, a journalist, an artist - a pioneer and a leader in every sense.

Ališer Hožanijazov

He is our best blind table tennis player with a great sense of space and unmistakable orientation.

Julia Kabanova

She is a young woman with diverse interests, who works in many fields, appreciates the freedom to make her own choices and finds that there is something to learn from every situation and that all experiences are valuable.

Riho Roosioja

He is a blind pottery master. He is interested in cooking and enjoys cycling.

Peeter Mõtus

He has read countless books and is working to make them accessible to all visually impaired people.

Margus Kiin

He recommends going to a blind masseur, because after session you will not only feel good, but also know that you did the right thing - helped visually impaired people.

Robert Lätt

He studies at university, does sports and reads a lot - all of this despite losing both eyes at an early age.

Jakob Jõgisuu

He is a young determined man who can thinks positively and act purposefully.