Reconstruction project

Esplan OÜ has prepared a project for reconstruction of Tondi street building.
The project takes into consideration the accessibility requirements for all of the target groups. This includes their activity, education, training needs indoors as well as outdoors. A hostel is also planned, which will allow services to be provided to visitors from outside Tallinn.
In addition, in order to guarantee the independence of the social sphere, rental premises (offices, gyms) and public spaces are provided in the building. This allows managing center in the form of social entrepreneurship.

In order to keep the activities in the house running continuously, the reconstruction project has been divided in Phases.

Cost of reconstruction of the North Estonian Blind Society building (at the prices of 2012):
Phase 1 (EAA premises - partially realized) EUR 106,653
Step 2 (Roof) $ 339,964 (c. 480,000 in 2018)
Phase 3 (work on the property, insulation of the building, availability of utility systems) 1,198,147 EUR (ca 1,800,000 in 2018)
Phase 4 (Ground floor internal work - partially realized) 456 273 EUR
Phase 5 (2nd floor internal work - partially realized) 336 813 EUR
Phase 6 (3rd floor internal work) 314 691 EUR
Phase 7 (IV floor internal work) 288,997 EUR
1… 7. phase 3 041 538 EUR in total