Promoting the social entrepreneurship of the North-Estonian Association of the Blind through increasing economic viability

Promoting the social entrepreneurship of the North-Estonian Association of the Blind through increasing economic viability

Project Period: 01.09.2017 - 31.05.2018
Funded by: Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Society Foundation

Increasing the economic capacity of the North Estonian Blind Association (NEBA). Reforming business model to a social enterprise representing people with visual impairments. The goal is achieved by developing a donation system and launching donation activities. 

Summary: In 2017, NEBA celebrates its 95th anniversary. For many years NEBA acted as a social enterprise run by the visually impaired. Based on its activity center, organization provided support system for its target group. The project will continue to enhance cooperation at national and local level within the Activity Center modernization process. The donation activities of the Association will be taken to a new level. Donation strategy will be developed for the short and long term. An important component is upgrading the Company's communications channels. This includes the translation of documentation, video material production and marketing plan development.
There is a need to increase economic capacity. In particular to modernize the activity center premises. NEBA house at Tondi street has to be adapted to the special needs of even completely blind people. The quality, sustainability and development of the services should be a priority. Yet they fully depend on the location provided at.

Project activities and results:
Within the framework of this project, NEBA will continue to search for cooperation partners. Starting with the state and local government sector. It will also collect donations to finance the renovation of the NEBA house. Thereby continuing the construction project. An organized round table will try to involve the state and local government representatives. The dialogue will focus on finding ways to support the renovation of the NEBA Activity Center. Project applications and referrals are being prepared to help find public support. In parallel, starts the development of the donation campaign strategy. 
The NEBA has so far not engaged in regular donation activities. So there are still many opportunities for developing the NEBA activity. The Board of the NEBA has devoted a lot of time to discuss further possible directions. We believe, that like many other organizations, donations can be used to make a significant step froward. Especially in the quality of service provided. The board of the NEBA wishes to make the donation a consistent activity. That would make a significant contribution to the financial strength of the Association.

Within project create a new website for NEBA with a donation system is being created. This is a crucial component in the preparation of the donation campaign. The website's strategic materials and donation system are translated into Russian, English and Finnish. 
To draw attention to the problem the simple video is being produced. Hanging on the website, it will reflect current situation of the NEBA. Strategical donation plan is one of the results of the project. It will determine the directions and activities that should be organized in the future. Another outcome is leaflet explaining the special needs of blind people. Mainly for round table members better functioning and general situation understanding.

The future social enterprise status of NEBA is heavily dependent on the donations. The growth of financial capacity is a significant indicator of moving in right direction. Therefore, this project remains an important part of foreseen NEBA Development Plan implementation. All activities planned will be sustainable even after project ends. Although, only in case if they will continue to support similar goals. The materials created by the project can be reused, reproduced and will not expire. The cooperation agreements and contacts made in the framework of the project will help in further development. The donation strategy can be easily modified and supplemented. So, for example, tailored for a specific period basis (quarter, year). The knowledge gained within project is important for NEBA members. It helps in organizing similar activities in the future. 

The leap in financial capacity development achieved through the donation campaign may be one of the most important steps in increasing the economic viability of the NEBA. Not to mention the financing of house reconstruction.

Project budget: The NFCS will contribute EUR 11,972.90 to the project.