Information material adaptation/customization service

Unrestricted adaptation service for visually impaired people living in Tallinn
The purpose of the service is to adapt information for visually impaired people. Materials include news, educational materials, books. As a result, material comes in an appropriate format. During the course, materials in plain text that have not previously been adapted to Braille or audio are being scanned. Volunteer readers are the ones who read the material to sound carrier. Then separately hired person cleans audio.

The finished books will be delivered to the subscriber via memory stick, e-mail or in any other agreed manner.

All scanned material is collected and accessible to visually impaired people at all times at 
For unrestricted use

The service will produce 60 text and 10 audio books in 2020.

Service period: February 01 - December 31, 2020
Grant amount: € 3000.00.
Supported by Tallinn Social and Health Care Agency

In order to use the service, bring the material to the NEBA Secretary.  Providing your contact information keeps you up to date.

As part of our reading service, we are looking for volunteer readers. Your job would be to read materials on paper. Later your reading would be transformed into audio files. 

If you are interested then contact the service coordinator: Janne Jerva, tel. 55 75 310