Operating grant to association

Support for the operation and work center.
The purpose of the grant is to provide an Activity Center service tailored to the special needs of visually impaired people.
Location of service: NEBA house at Tondi street. The continuous maintaining of the Activity Center supports the coping of the blind in society. This happens due to maintaining and developing the availableness of different services and support for them from organizations like ours.

As part of the service, NEBA offers cultural, sporting, professional, non-formal and self-help activities. All this happens in an environment adapted to blind people specific needs.
This subsidy is intended to cover the salary costs of the Centre's operating instructor.

Operating grant period: January 01 -31. December 2020
Grant amount: EUR 14,400.00.
Supported by Tallinn Social and Health Care Agency.

Service contact Janne Jerva, tel. 55 75 310