Personal assistant service

This service aims to improve the daily coping of an in its housing living adult with a profound and severe visual impairment. First of all service enables to exercise social activities. This includes the participation in studies, hobbies and other activities outside home. It gives disabled person an opportunity to develop their independence. To relieve his family members of the obligation to provide continuous assistance is important for every blind adult.

The provided service necessity decision is up to the social welfare department of the district.  He will be given written confirmation.

Service provision: The service is provided by a personal assistant who is a salaried employee. The client is assisted according to the volume of the contract. Specifically in their daily activities outside the home, when the client needs an assistance due to disability. Home services provision aren't personal assistant responsibility. A personal assistant cannot be a disabled person, nor can family member. A disabled person must be able to organize all affairs proceeding from the free time of the assistant.

The personal assistance service provided by the NEBA is funded by the City of Tallinn through the Tallinn Social and Health Care Board.

In accordance with the agreement the recipient is charged a co-payment of EUR 0.13 per hour of service used. The fee must be paid into the account of the service coordinator (invoice no. EE702200221035690329).

Referral to the service is regulated by the Tallinn City Government Regulation No. 31 of April 18, 2007, "Social Welfare Management", section 4 (1) 4 of which directs persons to the district or city organized social services.
The service must comply with Tallinn City Government Order 1777-k "Requirements for Social Services", adopted on 17.11.2014, clause 2.5. *Personal assistant service.

The service is intended for an adult person with a severe or severe visual impairment in the Tallinn Population Register.

You will need:
1. Submit a free-form application to the district administration of the place of residence, which will refer the person to the service.
The district administration can be contacted during the opening hours. You will need to bring your identity document and a valid rehabilitation plan. The employee of the district administration has the right to ask for additional documents, if necessary, and a home visit if necessary. A free-form statement must justify the need for the service. The district administration forwards the letter of referral to the NEBA. You can also send a digitally signed application to the district administration in a simple form to receive a referral letter by e-mail.
Redirection applies until the severity of the disability or until the need ceases to exist. In addition to the disability extension, service access must be extended.
2. Submit a form application to the board of the North Estonian Blind Association.
Applications will be accepted by the service coordinator, Ulrika Tint, at the NEBA Reception Hall (Tondi 8A-113, Tuesdays 12:00 - 17:00 and Thursdays 10:00 - 15:00). The application may also be sent by digital signature to  "> "> "> 
The Board may also require other documents and evidence from the applicant to prove the need for the service (disability certificate, effective employment contract or other).

It is up to the applicant to find a personal assistant.
The personal assistant cannot be:
1. a family member using the same dwelling as the client;
2. client caregiver within the meaning of the Social Welfare Act;
3. a person with severe or profound disability who needs the services of a personal assistant.

Hours are set based on the following considerations:
- Severity of disability, 
- Amount of assistance needed
- Use of aids
- Activity level (working, studying, activities outside the home) 
- Residence and presence of family members

Criteria for determining service hours:
Deep disability = 15 hours, severe disability = 10 hours.

If it is difficult for a person to move alone = 10 hours (only for work / study purposes), a minimum of 5 hours for deep disability.

Deep + Under 10 year old = 15 hours, Heavy + Under 10 year old = 10 hours.

Deep / Hard + Running = 5 hours.

Deep + Learns = 10 hours, Hard + Learns = 5 hours.

Community beneficial activity = 2 hours.

The hobby is generally not given, except. very remarkable, useful to others, etc.

Other disabilities, diseases = 1 hour.

Live alone deep = 3 hours, live alone hard = 1 hours.

Hours are given in five-hour increments and counted by the city

the minimum and maximum hourly limits; and similar support from other sources. In general, hours are changed on a case-by-case basis up to five hours.

The Bureau may reject the application:
if the applicant does not meet the above criteria;
due to the lack of service hours;
if there is no guidance letter from the district administration;
if the statement is not correct;
if, within two months of the establishment of the hours, the contract has not been concluded with a personal assistant, the Executive Board shall have the right to reverse the Executive Board's decision;
if the recipient of the service has not paid his / her own contribution to the personal assistant service and has submitted reports on the use of the service hours to the Association.