Riho Roosioja

Riho calls himself a Setu-Mordovian Estonian, but he comes from Järvamaa. He lived in Järva-Jaani during his childhood, and already in Paide during high school. Childhood at Järva-Jaani Country Home was a beautiful time - everything was fine and well.

At the age of 35, Riho has been completely blind for the past 20 years. At the age of 13, one day at school, he lost his mind in the middle of an hour and had an epileptic seizure. This was followed by examinations and diagnosis: at a brain tumor vision center. Next, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. As for the tumor, Riho says he needs to spit three times over his shoulder quickly. But vision disappeared quite rapidly during treatment. Riho graduated from high school already blind. The results were good and he wanted to continue his studies and applied for a degree in public administration at Tallinn University. For parents, it was a big shock at the time when a letter came home saying that Riho had been accepted by the university. In Tallinn, he quickly learned where and how to move. Usually there were people around who helped out when needed. Lived in a dormitory in three rooms, made meals himself, others only helped by going to the store. She graduated from undergraduate level and enrolled in a master's program. In 2005 he received a Master's degree in Administrative Management.

After graduating, Riho worked for two years at the Northern Police Prefecture under a contract, doing computer work there: managing a partner database, printing audio records, and more. Later, he has done some similar work on some projects: transcribing interviews and other recorded speeches. 

Riho has studied massage at the training center of the Estonian Society of Blind Masseurs. She does massage mainly by acquaintance. There was a time when visited the "Culture Cauldron" once a week with his folding table. But massage is not the most important thing for Riho. He is currently attracted to ceramics. Riho found ceramics for himself from the time he was in college, when a familiar art person taught him to mold. He is currently working in a ceramic room at the Tondi Street in NEBA's ceramics class. Some of the molded items will remain with him, some will be sold. Riho ceramics can be purchased at the Blind Massage Center in Tallinn, adress Tondi 8a, 2nd floor. The latest favorite products are sour cream cups, which are good for storing a sachet of sour cream.

Since  "> losing his sight long ago Riho has become a member of the North Estonian Blind Association. The association has helped him a lot and has been a great support. Riho admits that the house at Tondi Street is a necessity. It gives him the opportunity to keep hilmself busy, to communicate with others, to get out of the house. Because if you can't get out of the house, you won't be able to do it in the long run. That is the reason Riho went to university for entrance tests after finishing high school. In addition to ceramics, Riho participates in yoga and cooking classes. Yoga provides a lot of energy and basically he just enjoys cooking. Riho likes to figure out what to eat and how to do it; also looking for recipes on the internet. She likes the omelet the most.

In the summer, Riho enjoys riding a tandem bike with a friend. Cranking his rear pedals in his back saddle is something extra for him. Riho has two children: a 10-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter. In his heart, he still wants to be a good father and role model to his children.

Story written December 2017