Jakob Jõgisuu

Jakob is 29 years old, from Kihnu but has been living in Tallinn since school. He has bachelor degree in architecture and is in the process of completing his master's studies. He is also a musician . He graduated from accordion major at Tallinn Music School. Regarding sports he enjoys the speedy ones. Fast sports such as skiing (both summer and winter) and cycling (speed record 79.9 km/h) are his favorites. Lots of friends and a quick meaningful young person's life. Until spring. The knowledge of severe illness came suddenly... 

First ever problems with his eyesight: he couldn't see in the twilight, and sometimes the picture disappeared. A visit to the ophthalmologist led him to the EMO and the operating room. Diagnosis: brain tumor. The operation was long and complicated, some of the tumor was operable, but not all - too risky. Jakob says the situation was so unexpected and new to him, he had never been to a hospital before. It was April 1st, joke day ... and the hospital. During the summer months of radiation treatment, he was in great agony. Even that should move inside with a hat. He could not go to the sun at all. he felt himself like in the middle of the desert. And there was not much vision left. Just a few months of his life - from March to August - and everything had changed. He had to start practically from scratch, in every sense.

Ophthalmologists say his vision cannot be improved. However, Jakob wants to believe it is. He takes every opportunity to take care of his health and eyes. The most important thing is to remain positive in thinking and attuned to change.  To believe that everything is possible. Nutrition is changed: lots of vegetables and fruits, little fat, no sugar in the grain, not a drop of alcohol. Everything possible to strengthen the immune system. Healthy eating was also a thing he used to in the past because of exercising. After gaining weight in the hospital, he needed to get back on track. Jakob visits Chinese classical medicine specialist. There he gets acupuncture and energetic massage. "It helps, I always feel myself fresh." - says Jakob.

Jakob found his way to the North Estonian Blind Association (NEBA) through an acquaintance. His friend is also completely blind. Jakob went to NEBA to get consultation on how the blind can communicate, read e-mails, send messages, and so on. He was very well-received in the association and got all the information he needed. For example about rehabilitation, that is not provided by ophthalmologists in hospitals. Also about help facilities, massage courses, guide dogs and more. Jakob soon gets his own guide dog. He's been visiting training in different parts of the city for a month. Jacob was immediately invited to the brass band as a drummer, but he is still thinking about it. By the way: his brother plays in the NEBA's Brass Band and sounds very persuasive about about what a wonderful band they all compile together.
Jacob has a strong relationship with music. He is glad that he has returned his old accordion from Kihnu. Once, when he concentrated on studying in Tallinn, he had given one girl an accordion to play. She gave to the next one. And so concluding the chain the pill had traveled to back the village and soon even left the continent. When Jakob got his instrument back of course it was in poor condition. Only with the help of a master it is back in shape for now. Jakob says he is now also a blind musician. Music gives a lot in return. Thinking all day about bad things will not make the day better. Jakob also attends social dance classes. The evening is full of music and dance, and it brings a lot of warmth to the soul.

Jacob has definite goals. 
He wants to ride his summer skis or kayaks (they have wide tires, it feels like riding on real skis; 
He wants to lose weight and get his athletic form back
He wants to play sports and to go hiking, enjoy the nature;
He wants to move around on the street being self-sufficient (with the help of a guide-dog) He wants to learn massage. 
He wants to finish her master's studies, although the subject of her master's thesis still needs to be considered. 
Once the goals are in place, everything else are just technical details.

Story written December 2017