Margus Kiin

Margus is 44 and works as a masseur. He is chairman of the board of the Estonian Society of the Blind and a member of the board of the North Estonian Blind Society. An active and active person.

Margus has been blind from early infancy (almost since birthday). It happened that he and his twin brother were born prematurely. So they both had some time together in couveuse. It is believed that Margus suffered oxygen or light damage there, which completely took his eyesight. This things happen. The twin brother is perfectly healthy.

Margus studied at a special boarding school in Tartu, where he graduated from 9 classes. He doesn't remember anything pleasant about his school time. Like this Russian time stuff: lots of kids, barracks, bad meals, cold water, little fun, etc. He graduated from high school in Tallinn while studying externally. Margus would have wanted to study law or history at university. Unfortunately, but the blind did not have the opportunity back then. He has worked as a manufacturer of both brushes and brush mats, and later made clothes for the metal workshop. Margus says that this job didn't bother him. But still he wanted to learn massage instead. At that time, in the mid-1990s, massage was not taught to the blind in Estonia. Margus and his companions succeeded in taking a massage course at a private school for hairdressers and beauticians. According to the results of Margus and his fellows, massage education for the blind is becoming a reality. With the support of the European Union Phare program, things have started to accelerate. Then the first association for the massagers - the Massage Club - was formed. Later - the Estonian Association of the Blind Masseurs. It is logical that Margus has been involved in its management almost since its foundation.

According to Margus, the house at Tondi Street is very necessary for the blind. He has been associated with this house for almost 30 years. "We have a massage center, a training center, several hobby and sports circles. Significant events can be organized in the hall." Tondi building is all in one place that is familiar for every blind person in Tallinn. "You can find all the necessary rooms, doors and stairs without help. It is very important. Because visually impaired people want to manage themselves, to be independent. And they want out of the house, among others. They want to attend events, hobby groups, trainings, they just want to socialize and be happy." - says he. 

But building a house on Tondi Street still requires a lot of work and a lot of money.  "That's what worries me. For how long we can stay there?". Good people have donated and there is hope that donations will continue in the future. Margus says that buying a massage service from a blind masseur  you do good is good to masseur directly, But that is not all. Through the association of the blind, many other visually impaired people will benefit. Buying handicrafts made by people with disabilities is good for both the individual handyman and their association. There is much more to it than just donating money. By going to a blind masseur you will feel good and know that you have done well.

Story written December 2017