A lot can happen in life. All the time we all have funny, comic and even unbelievable situations. Even visually impaired and completely blind people often find themselves in situations that make them laugh, marvel or that just seem unbelievable.

You still see the read, don't you?

"Excuse me, Doctor, but to avoid confusion and confusion, I say immediately that I am blind and see nothing," I politely announce when I step in the door of another doctor's office

Egg butter and whipped cream

I knew well that there were two similar-looking boxes on the top shelf of my home refrigerator. One is egg butter and the other is whipped cream.

Black and white shoe

In a hurry, things often tend to get a bit skewed by people who have good eyesight, not to mention those whose eyesight doesn't work at all.

Just a few steps

This morning my assistant was almost half an hour late at our meeting place. I got off the bus in the city center just five minutes later. What's left for me is to wait for a person to see at the bus stop, because it doesn't give much time to go anywhere in the dark.

Light brown stair handrail

In old panel houses, the stairs leading to the first floor generally lack a handrail for some reason. Particularly elderly homeowners feel the bitter absence of such a tool. One beautiful day, the chairman of our house cooperative decided to solve the residents' problem. He finally put the handrail, directly behind the exterior wall of our apartment.