Light brown stair handrail

In old panel houses, the stairs leading to the first floor generally lack a handrail for some reason. Particularly elderly homeowners feel the bitter absence of such a tool. One beautiful day, the chairman of our house cooperative decided to solve the residents' problem. He finally put the handrail, directly behind the exterior wall of our apartment. After he was done with the installation work, I opened the apartment door and reached out to the wall to the left. Still, to investigate whether the drilling sounds we heard really meant attaching the handrail to the wall. And, miraculously, a nice wooden rail seems to be a support bar. I tried to shake the newcomer lightly to see if it was stuck firmly. It was, and still is, nicely in place. Next, of course, I started to wonder what color the handrail could be. No one was able to retrieve the information I needed at the moment, so I went back to the room and after a few moments came back with a color tinting device. After all, the soul will not give peace unless the color is immediately known. All kinds of handrails of different colors just keep rolling in front of your eyes. I placed the tiny handrail of the apparatus against the smooth surface and when I pressed the button it declared a helpful "light brown". I tried several more places, but the machine stayed on. Well, if light brown, light brown, and in my mind's eye the handrail obediently matched. Well done and heart satisfied.

A few days later, a neighbor, who has known for years, said that if I can't see anything, we now finally have a handrail in the hallway. I replied that I knew and that it seemed to be a light brown color. A bit of silence followed, and then the neighbor said, with a little bit of fear and excitement, "Ahhaa, you can still see muche enough!"

I tried to explain the method I had used to determine the color of the handrail, but he didn't really believe me at that moment.