Black and white shoe

In a hurry, things often tend to get a bit skewed by people who have good eyesight, not to mention those whose eyesight doesn't work at all. Also in this time as I hurried on the bus to get to the city center on time and not late for the upcoming event. With all the preparations finally made, I quickly stuck my shoes in the hallway, and we are ready to go. A family member was supposed to put me on bus, and a friend was waiting for me in the center. Driving on the bus can be done by the blind on its own.

We were already outside the door of the house and hurried along the sidewalk to the bus stop. At one point it seemed to me that it was strange to walk, that one shoe had a slightly higher heel than the other. I pulled my visor's sleeve to signal I would like to stop for a moment, so I could investigate what's wrong with my shoes. Maybe something stuck under the heel or something? The attendant then glanced at my feet as well as my shoes and exclaimed, "Father, you have two boots from two different pairs."
I squatted and examined the shoes with my finger. They were completely different shoes. Both of them are of the same shape and have a slightly different height. But on the other hand, they were completely different. One was white and the other black. Nor had my attendant noticed, though he had no problems seeing, that I had different looking shoes on my feet. All you had to do was find those extra minutes and go home to change your shoes despite the time pressure. I don't know what I would have gotten if I had only tracked shoes of different colors on the bus or downtown. Apparently it would have been important to to surprise others with the attitude and pretend that this is exactly what it should be.