Just a few steps

This morning my assistant was almost half an hour late at our meeting place. I got off the bus in the city center just five minutes later. What's left for me is to wait for a person to see at the bus stop, because it doesn't give much time to go anywhere in the dark. I set myself to wait a little further from the edge of the driveway. People trotted past and behind me hurrying past and the newspaper boy just kept shouting and cheering. The time went by, and although it was summer, I soon had a chill in the windy morning. I tucked the thin jacket closer to my neck and moved myself in small steps, once a little to the right and then to the left. It started getting colder, not to mention growing anger. Paganama makes you angry when you realize how much you still depend on other people to be blind.

Finally, the welcome helper finally arrived, and when I had stuffed my white cane handbag out of the cold with shaking hands, we quietly headed towards the nearby mall. However, we had hardly taken two or three steps when the warm sun started to appear on my face. Johhaidii! I didn't immediately know whether to cry or laugh when I realized that getting warm had always been a few steps away from me. Then it was as if a thirsty dying man was standing right by the spring.