Egg butter and whipped cream

I knew well that there were two similar-looking boxes on the top shelf of my home refrigerator. One is egg butter and the other is whipped cream. I had both prepared it myself in the morning and put it in boxes so it was good to take it if needed. In the evening, when I came outside, I had a craving for one egg butter pastry. Then I took a slice of bread from a bag and a box of egg butter in the fridge and went to the table to connect them. At the same time, I talked to other family members and kept spreading egg butter on the slice of bread. I used to think that egg butter usually gets quite hard in the fridge, but today it is a bit soft, but I still smeared. I briefly wondered in my head that maybe someone in the family had recently used egg butter and it had softened on a warm table. I finally got my slice of bread nicely covered with egg butter and sat down at the table to enjoy tea and eggplant. I whipped my teeth into the pastry and ... well, instead of egg butter my bread was covered with a thick layer of sweet whipped cream. The partner then stated that he saw that I had whipped cream on the slice of bread and was a little surprised. Still, he didn't say anything because he thought I just wanted this kind of whipped cream.

Well what was there, a new egg butter had to be done.